E-commerce: the challenges of efficient logistics

SAlthough the activity of online sales sites is mainly based on the acquisition of new customers, optimising the logistics part of the business helps to build customer loyalty and is an essential challenge.

Facts and figures

  • Internet sales of products and services combined reached €103.4 billion in 2019
  • Logistics represents 50% of the success of an online shop.
  • 35% of customers who have had a negative delivery experience will change of websites.

Ssources : Fevad.

Building customer loyalty thanks to high-performance logistics

To guarantee your customers’ satisfaction and ensure that their first purchase will not be their last, your logistics strategy must be efficient and reliable. Outsourcing it to a professional carrier offers several advantages.

1 – Managing your stocks : SOTRAB optimises the storage of your products and you can consult it in real time.
2 – Order preparation : Our flexibility and expertise enable you to ensure the preparation of e-orders with the implementation of processes adapted to your activity.
3 – Fast dispatch: orders are prepared quickly and delivered on time according to your requirements. Deliveries are tracked in real time.

A competitive advantage not to be overlooked, logistics should be closely studied according to your activity and the needs and expectations of your customers. Discover our solutions!