E-commerce logistics

Logistics represents 50% of the success of an e-commerce site. Because its control is a key issue for the development of your business, SOTRAB takes care of all logistics: reception, product storage, order preparation, packaging and transport. Optimise your logistics and build customer loyalty!

E-commerce logistics SOTRAB in Saint-Jean-de-Védas

Solutions adapted to your online business

We will assist you with order preparation according to your needs. Our flexibility and our know-how enable you to ensure the preparation of e-commerce orders without constraints.

Speed and traceability

Your parcels are prepared quickly and your orders are delivered on time according to your requirements. Your parcels are tracked in real time.

E-commerce logistics SOTRAB in Saint-Jean-de-Védas

SOTRAB in Lattes and Saint-Jean-de-Védas: modern and 100% secure platforms.