Our solutions

SOTRAB offers you a range of high-performance solutions based on reliable processes, technical and human resources, in order to meet your needs within short deadlines. Flexible, we adapt our services to your project and distribution strategy. We guarantee an optimal quality of service.


We provide FIFO and/or LIFO management of your stocks, respecting the nature and the DLUO of your products. Our high-performance equipment and the experience of our team ensure optimised, secure storage adapted to your needs.

Our co-packing solutions with SOTRAB in Montpellier


Benefit from a “wall-to-wall” organisation: we store your products in our warehouses and then package them according to your specifications before they are re-shipped. We guarantee control of costs, quality and lead times thanks to the simplification of flows.


Our mastery of the organisation of your logistics flows enables us to offer you a high-performance cross-docking solution. We accompany you from the reception of your supply flows to the dispatch of your final constituted batches.

Our merchandise cross-docking solutions with SOTRAB in Montpellier
E-commerce logistics in Montpellier

E-commerce logistics

Logistics represents 50% of the success of an e-commerce site. Because its control is a key issue for the development of your business, SOTRAB takes care of all logistics: reception, product storage, order preparation, packaging and transport. Optimise your logistics and build customer loyalty!

Freight transport – Chartering – Courier services

As the last step in the management of your logistics flows, the dispatch of goods is a key process in the supply chain. Thanks to our network of partners in France, Europe and overseas, we guarantee the efficient and secure transport of your goods.

Our goods transport solutions with SOTRAB in Montpellier